Composting and Wormfarming Specialists






                           HELP SHEETS


Information and instruction on all aspects of composting and wormfarming:

-         produced by Michael @ Eltham Worms

-         based on 12 years of practical experience, research and continuing experimentation


Help Sheets now available to our worm customers:

 No.1  Wormcare (as shown on this site)

The basic principles of wormfarming and how to care for compost



Other Help Sheets available on request: 

No.2  How to operate your multi-tray plastic wormfarm

Lost the instruction book?  This concise instruction may help. 

No.3  How to operate your single tray plastic wormfarm

Lost the instruction book?  This concise instruction may help 

No.4  How to operate your plastic compost bin as a wormfarm

You may have worms in your bin but this instruction will help you to maximise worm activity and operate it as a true wormfarm.  

No.5  Hot and Cold composting

Explanation of the principles and the pros and cons of each method.

No.6  Worms for Your Garden

Things you need to know about putting worms in your garden.

No.7  Aeration of Compost

There are many ways of getting air into your compost - some are more effective than others.

No.8  Fishing Worms

Some facts and myths about suitable worms for fishing.

No.9  Compost Worm Types

What sort of worms are best for composting?

No.10  Separating Worms from Compost

How to save your worms to keep in your wormfarm.

No.11  Creatures of the Wormfarm

You will never have just worms in your wormfarm.

No.12  Food Preparation for Worms

No.13 Caring for Worms in Hot Weather

No.14 Using Worms in a Tumbler Composter