Composting and Wormfarming Specialists









My name is Michael and I am the proprietor of this local, micro-business “Eltham Worms”.

Since 1999 we have been experimenting with composting to deal with garden waste from a mowing and gardening service.

 I have a science background which has helped me approach this systematically and not rely on the “folklore” that often goes with this subject. I have questioned nearly everything that I have heard and read and think I now have a fair understanding of the truths and the fallacies.

 The most important advice that I can give is that "best" composting is not about buying a “new beaut” compost bin or wormfarm - it is about creating conditions for composting and worm activity, no matter which system is being used. 

 In my contact with clients I have seen some successful attempts at composting and wormfarming but many failed attempts – this disappoints me and I am motivated to help my clients be more successful..

 In most cases I can help you toward more successful composting and wormfarming.

 I have a reputation for being willing to talk about composting and worms anytime and anywhere and I am happy to run presentations, workshops and demonstrations for any interested clubs or other groups on any aspect of composting and wormfarming.


                                             RESEARCH and INNOVATION

 At Eltham Worms we are continuously trialing better ways of composting many types of organic waste, using processes that are energy and water efficient and can operate in extreme heatwave conditions.